Brain & Mind Series


Ever wondered whether babies think, why we become forgetful if we don’t get enough sleep, or how we can stop antisocial behaviour? These are the kind of questions considered in this Brain & Mind Series.

This 5-part series offers a peek in to current psychological research to show you what is being uncovered and current controversies. It includes popular areas of research within Developmental Psychology, Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Clinical Psychology.

For those who don’t know much about Psychology, there are plenty of links to help you along the way and lay summaries throughout.

Any questions, opinions or thoughts, please post!

Contents for the Brain & Mind Series

infant pic.jpg

Do Babies Think or Know Anything?

Part 1 – Developmental Psychology



Do We Sleep to Remember or to Forget?

Part 2 – Biological Psychology


implicit cog

Can We Secretly Uncover Mental Health Risk?

Part 3 – Cognitive Psychology


MST pic

Do We Know the Best Treatment for Antisocial Behaviour?

Part 4 – Clinical Psychology


brain-3168269_1920Ethical Considerations in Research 

Part 5 – Ethical Issues


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